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What is MLS? Are you a member?

MLS is the database for properties in the Houston market. This is the storefront for selling homes in Houston. This is where Realtor's must place their properties, so MLS has the most accurate information over any other source. Therefore, most savvy buyers will go here first. This is why The Icon Team is member of MLS / HAR, for this reason!


We haven't seen your signs in our area. Don't we need a "local" Agent?

Experience should be the most relevant skill set when hiring an agent, not how local they are. How and what is the agent currently doing in the real estate market? For example, being the #1 agent in the local office 10 years ago is not relevant to today's market! Find the agent who is relevant NOW! What are they doing? How many buyers do they have? How many homes have they sold? If you choose a top agent, they will have the most leverage, experience and tools to sell your property.


I have a family member/friend who is an agent... Shouldn't we list with her?

Selling a home can be stressful enough without trying to include a friend or family member. The most important thing to understand, is this is a business decision! You are literally choosing someone to negotiate and handle your most important asset. You will not make good decisions and neither will your friend or relative when they are more worried about your feelings rather than business. If you want the most for your situation, you should choose the best!


Do I need a real estate agent?

Simply put YES! The intangibles they can bring to the process will save you tons of stress and leave you with a good feeling. Would you go to court for a 30 year sentence without an attorney? No, well this is the same thing as buying or selling a home. A good Realtor can be the difference in a great decision or a huge mistake!


What are some tips on negotiation?

Make sure you know exactly what you want out of a situation and focus on the end result. For example, don't get caught up with they want your fridge and forget your bottom line. Also, always know in a true negotiation there is a something exchanged. So, be prepared to have something to offer to get what you really want. For the best negotiation tips contact The Icon Team directly!!


How do I prepare my home to sell?

Simple and clean!! Remember less about your taste and more focus on them placing their touches to the property. De-cluttering is very important! We always advise our clients to define the spaces in the home. So if it is a game room, make it a game room, not study / game room. Or if it is a study, make it a study, not study/ storage room / kids toys... When you go to sell your home it should look like you do not live there. Buyers love a simple clean home!


What makes up closing costs?

Closing costs are the costs associated with the sell or purchase of your home. On the seller side it consist of the broker fees, title insurance, home warranty for buyer, and recording fees with county. Generally about 7.5%. On the buyer side it consist of the fees associated with obtaining a mortgage like origination fee, setting up escrow account, down payment, and appraisal. Generally about 5% minus down payment.


I just want to be in MLS how much does that cost?

Just being on MLS will not sell your house and there are services that can do this. It’s the intangibles like how to set up the home for showings, professional photography, what do I say in the general description, and how do I price it. For more information about proper use of MLS contact The Icon Team directly.


I can't afford to fix up my house to sell it. What do I do?

There are some really good tactics for this situation. One is an auction style, since you can’t afford to fix you could price low and attract more buyers than you would have even if you fixed it up and this could naturally drive the price up! Another would be to contact a Realtor and find out what options are available from their company.


Why should I hire you over other agents?

We have a passion for real estate and love helping people! It is literally in our mission statement to provide WORLD CLASS SERVICE!! Also, we are in the top 1% of our industry and The Icon Team assists more than 400 families buy and sell their homes every year. This gives you a ton of experience and a wealth of knowledge. There is no situation that we have not encountered and conquered! We are recognized in the top 25 every year by the Houston Business Journal and have been “Realtor Team of the Year” 4 times with the Greater Houston Builder Association.


How long will it take to sell my house?



What home improvements will have the most payoff when we sell our home?

Paint and carpet are the most bang for the dollar and really payoff. Other improvements depend on your neighborhood. Kitchen and bath rooms can have a huge payoff, but be more substantial remodeling. Consult a Realtor who can look at the comparable sales and have them walk your property for the best advice.


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